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1: brief description of the manufacturer

"Special Goods Ru" is a successful and progressive company engaged in the production and export of essential oils. " Special Goods Ru " began its cooperation with the company "AI Service" in 2016, which has experience in the production of essential oils for more than 5 years. At the moment, the company " Special Goods Ru " is able to use the technology of the company "AI Service". This fact allows to develop rapidly in the market of chemical raw materials. Today we specialize in production of essential oils from the coniferous breeds growing in the territory of the Russian Federation. Production is located directly on the place of growth of coniferous forests. Our warehouses are located in all cities of the Russian Federation, and the company has a warehouse in the Netherlands. All our products comply with all technical regulations: "OST 13-221-86", "TR CU 009/2011" adopted on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as meets the European quality standards ISO 10869-2015.

2: History

Production of natural essential oils became one of our directions. We produce our products from selected varieties of conifers grown in the most remote corners of Siberia. All raw materials from which essential oil is made are carefully selected, which ensures a high level of oil quality. Our laboratory controls the essential oil compliance with the necessary standards, which guarantees the stability of quality.

3: description of the product.

  • Siberian Fir Essential Oil (Abies sibirica)


abies oil (Essential abies oil) Natural. Obtained by steam distillation.

Plant source: Oleum Abies sibirica.

Obtained from young shoots of Siberian fir.

It is the strongest remedy. And also widely used in cosmetic industry and household chemicals.

  • Fir essential oil (Abies picea)


Fir essential oil. Natural. Obtained by steam distillation.

Plant source: Abies picea.

Cosmetic effect: increases the protective functions of the skin, exhibits bactericidal and healing properties, stimulates hair growth, prevents hair loss.

Domestic use:

it is used for wet cleaning and disinfection of premises.

it is a natural air flavoring.

It is effective in diseases of the respiratory system. Fir oil eliminates stress, nervousness and depression.

  • Pine Essential Oil (Pinus silvestris)


Pine essential oil. Natural. Obtained by steam distillation.

Plant source: Pinus sylvestris.

Cosmetic effect: improves the condition and appearance of skin of any type, providing a rejuvenating effect, promotes healing of cuts and abrasions.

Domestic use:

disinfects the air, destroying unpleasant odors.

Therapeutic use: it is recommended to use the oil for colds, hypothermia, bronchitis. It also has an antiasthmatic effect.

  • Cedarwood Essential Oil (Pinus sibirica)


Cedarwood essential oil. Natural. Obtained by steam distillation.

Plant source: Pinus sibirica.

Cosmetic effect: it has a rejuvenating effect, smoothing small facial wrinkles, improves tone and elasticity, shows its bactericidal and disinfecting properties.

recommended for problem skin. improves the condition of the nails, stopping delamination and strengthening the nail plate.

Domestic use: it is a natural air flavoring.