Product range

   Active ingredients
   Vaseline oils
   Thickeners and polymers
   AP and deo ingredients
   Optic modifiers
   Film formers
   Products for depilation
   Vegetable oils
   UV filters
   Essential oils

Special Goods Ru

We offer products from different companies.

For the maximum convenience of our customers.

  • We quickly and reliably deliver the product
  • We provide comprehensive technical support
  • We have our own laboratory
  • We use a flexible system of payment and delivery
  • We organize seminars, presentations and meetings with manufacturers
  • We develop formulations based on the final cost of the product
  • We can find the ingredient you are looking for

  • Our experts are always ready to help you and find the most suitable solution.

    Our offices and warehouses are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Astana and Minsk.

    Do you want to buy high-quality raw materials? Please contact Special Goods Ru.

    We offer both basic and special ingredients from the leading companies from all over the world. Our suppliers manufacture special ingredients in the field of raw materials for cosmetics and household chemicals using advanced technologies.